BOTTLED GOODS, Crate of Small Farm.

Enter Wednesday, Aug. 29th from 4pm - 8:30pm

There will be a youth division age 16 and under in baking only.

All other categories are general entry.

All Sweepstakes &Reserve Sweeps  will receive cash prizes.

                Garden judging guidelines:

1. There must be 3 items of comparable size, shape and color per entry on a white paper plate except large items (melons etc.)

2. Entries should be clean and ready for judging.

3. Crate Display: Arrange a 13x15 shallow crate (provided by Peach Days) with assorted fruits and vegetables. This can be done by individuals or groups (neighbors, friends, clubs, organizations, etc.)   Crates will be judged like all other entries, including a sweepstakes cash prize. NO People’s Choice Award


1. Fresh cut flowers – enter individual or a multi flower bouquet.

2. Judged on size, quality, color variety and creativity.

                Bottled goods judging guidelines

1. Display preserved food in a clear standard canning jar.

2. Leave proper headspace for each variety. (1” for low acid foods, vegetables and meat; 1/2” for acid foods, fruits & tomatoes; 1/4” for jams, juices, pickles and relishes.)

3.  Product should not be mushy or over-processed.

                Baked goods and candy judging guidelines

1. Must include a recipe card with ingredients listed.

2. There must be at least 5 samples / entry except for larger items (bread, or pies). No entries that require refrigeration.

3. Enter items on a paper plate in a Ziploc bag or wrapped in plastic wrap. (For more info call Aaron Diamond 256-5612)