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Martial Arts




                            Monday & Wednesday

​                                        6:45-7:35 pm - Ages 8 & Up                                                                 7:45-8:35 pm Yellow Belt+




For a more in depth look into our karate program click the link below:

$25/month for 1 day a week
$35/month for 2 days a week


                        Monday & Wednesday

​                                               4pm-5pm  Beginning 8/up                                                            





                        Tuesday & Thursday - 

​                                               4pm-5pm  Advanced Ages 8/up                                                         




$35/month for 2 days a week

Anticipated Outcome:
The goal for these classes is to instill confidence, courtesy, and respect while building strength, both mental and physical, self-confidence, balance, focus, endurance, and perseverance.  Students will be empowered to overcome physical and mental obstacles and build character through unity of mind, body, and spirit. 

This system is designed to attain physical, mental and spiritual growth and for those who are interested in improving themselves while learning a positive and effective method of self-defense.
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