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  • Packet Pick Up

Packet Pick up will be held on Friday, June 2 from 4-7 pm at the Hurricane City Pool (750 N 200 W) or on race morning from 6-6:30 am.

  • Race Location and Parking

All races will begin at the Hurricane City Pool located at 750 N 200 W. Please park at the ball fields located on 200 West. There are numerous parking lots located by each field, north and west of the pool. The pool and American Legion parking lots will NOT be available for public parking. And please avoid parking on the streets where the bike and run courses take place.


  • Start Times

The Sprint triathlon will begin at 7 am.

The Beginner Triathlon will begin after the last sprint swimmer has finished, approximately 7:30 am.

The Kids Sprint Triathlon will begin at 10 am, followed immediately by the Kids Beginner.


  • Transition

Transition will open at 6 am. The pool parking lot will be set up as transition. Racers will set up their bikes on transition racks (Constructed and donated by a local Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout). The racks will be first come, first served. Just be courteous of other racers and their space as you set up. You will enter transition after your swim to get your bike. You will return to transition to return your bike after the bike course and will begin your run. 1 adult may help their kids in transition.

  • Course Info

Swim Course

The swim will take place in the 5 lanes of the 25 meter City Pool. There will be 2 swimmers per lane. The swim will be a rolling start, first come first serve. After your transition is set up, you may begin lining up near the pool. 10 swimmers will begin at 7 and after one swimmer finishes, a new one will begin. You will give your race number to a volunteer as you are ready to enter a lane. Your time will start and you will begin your swim. Volunteers will be at each lane to help count your laps. Sprint Tri is 400 m (16 lengths or 8 laps). The Beginner Tri is 200 m (8 lengths or 4 laps). Kids Sprint Tri is 100 m (4 lengths or 2 laps) and the Kids Beginner is 50 m (2 lengths or 1 lap). Life vests are allowed for kids who are not quite able to make the swim on their own and we will have those available at the pool on race morning.


Adult Bike Course

All participants are required to wear a helmet at all times on the bike. Please walk your bike in and out of transition.

The adult bike course will be a 5 mile out and back. The sprint will be 2 loops, the beginner 1 loop. There will be volunteers at the turn around with limited water and first aid. Please make the turn around with caution.










Kids Bike Course

The Kids Bike course will be a 1.5 mile loop. Kids sprint is 2 loops, kids beginner 1 loop. Kids will zig zag through the Park Subdivision across from the pool and then go in a clockwise loop around a neighborhood.

















The bike courses will be open to traffic but will have volunteers and flaggers at intersections, as well as a coned off shoulder to ride on on 600 North. All bikers will ride on the right side of the road with traffic. Bikers doing 2 loops, will enter the pool parking lot through the main entrance and exit through the main entrance to begin their second loop.  


Adult Run Course

Adult run course is 1.5 mile out and back. Sprinters will do 2 laps, beginners 1 lap. There is an aid station with water and Gatorade near transition and out on course. Runners will pass them 3 times each lap. Runners doing 2 laps will enter and exit through the American Legion Parking lot to make their turn around.












Kids Sprint Run Course

1 mile loop, run counter clockwise. Kids will run on the sidewalk. Aid station with water and Gatorade halfway through.














Kids Beginner Run Course

.5 mile loop, run counter clockwise. Kids will run on the sidewalk. Aid station with water and Gatorade halfway through.












  • Restrooms

Bathrooms are located inside the pool lobby and are available for use before, during and after the race.


  • Finish Line

Brad Harr and Associates is providing the finish line festivities There will be refreshments and games in the pool grass.


  • Prizes

There will be finisher’s medals for all registered participants. We also will award top 3 male and female prizes in the adult sprint and beginner races, thanks to donations from our generous sponsors.


  • Timing

The race will computer timed by Runner Card. You will get a total time and splits. Results will be available online after the race at


  •   Sponsors

A special shout out to all our generous sponsors. Without them, this race would not be possible. Please make sure to support them as much as they support us.

Classic Sports

Whole Juice Cafe

Hurricane Recreation























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