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Esports League

XBOX controller.jpg

Spring 2020


NBA 2K20

League Play


Program Description: Esports, which stands for Electronic Sports, are competitive video games played between players or teams.  A tournament will be played in January, February & March.  At the beginning of each tournament, each player will play a 3 game/race round-robin to determine their seed in the tournament.  The tournament will be a single-elimination tournament bracket format.  Prizes for 1st and 2nd place, single-elimination tournament.  All games will be played on the Xbox. Consoles, games, and controllers provided by Hurricane Recreation.                                                     


Anticipated Outcome: Participants will play video games, socialize with peers in a fun and safe environment and gain a greater knowledge of esports.  

“These tournaments and leagues are not affiliated with or sponsored by NBA 2K, Electronic Arts Inc., Warner Brothers or its licensors.”

Registration: January 6 till full


Divisions: Youth and Teen






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