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Youth Sports Coaching Program


Volunteer coaches are the backbone of the Hurricane Recreation Sports Program.  Without the hundreds of parents signing up to coach youth sports every season, the youth sports program would come to a screeching halt!


The question is who are these volunteers?  Are they an ex-high school or college athlete trying to re-live their sports experiences? Are they a parent of a reluctant child trying to give their child the same great experience that they had as a child? Or are they the mother or father of a child who was told, "If you don't volunteer, we don't have enough coaches!"


The truth is that all of these scenarios are pretty likely in the average volunteer-based youth sports league.  That's why we are here to help educate those volunteers to become the best youth sport coaches that they can be.  You do not need to be a star athlete to give children the beginning skills and recreation enjoyment they seek.


Benefits of Coaching include:  choosing your practice time, a coaching gift card for future sports, helping children learn life skills, and community involvement.  


Concussion Training

Concussion courses --> Concussion in Sports

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Coaches Code of Ethics



Youth Sport Affialiates

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