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Hurricane City Pool Staff

Mike Carter - Pool Manager


Mike has worked at the Hurricane City Pool for a few years. He started out as pool maintenance for the first 5 or so years.  Then he took over as the Hurricane High School Head Swim Coach at the beginning of 2021 school year and started spending more time at the pool.  At the end of the swim season he accepted the position as pool manager.  His full time job is a Science teacher at Hurricane Middle school and has been since 2014.  In his free time he also volunteers at the Hurricane Valley Fire Department as an EMT/Firefighter.

Rachel Douglas -- AM Assistant Pool Manager


Rachel worked at the Hurricane City Pool as a head lifeguard, youth swim coach, and swim instructor through high school and college. She has returned to the city pool as AM Assistant Pool Manager, where she organizes swim lessons, swim team, and aquatic day camp. Her career brought her back to Southern Utah as she started teaching English at Hurricane High School begininng 2022-23 school year.  Her help as assistant swim coach for Hurricane High led to her being offered and accepting the assistant position.  Her previous experience has been a necessity for the pool to open this year.

Safia Heaton -- PM Assistant Pool Manager


Safia has recently graduated high school and has worked at the city pool for several years. She has previously been a lifeguard, swim instructor, and head guard. She has stepped into the role of PM Assistant Manager, where she trains lifeguards and runs the shift during our open swim hours. 

Ammon Carter -- AM Head Guard/Head Coach


Ammon has worked at the city pool for the past several years, recently taking over as head coach for the Tigershark swim team. He loves to encourage swimmers to have fun in the sport and learn new things. He recently graduated high school, where he was the captain of the high school swim team. 

Kelty Jowers -- AM Head Guard


Kelty has worked at the city pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor for the past several years. She is now working as one of the head guards in charge of the morning programming. Her previous experience on the high school swim team has aided her in teaching swim lessons. 

Mattie Dotson -- PM Head Guard


Mattie has worked at the pool for 2 years now. She quickly rose to the head guard position. She helps oversee open swim during the afternoon.

Amri Ward -- PM Head Guard


Amri has worked at the pool for 2 years now. She previously worked as a lifeguard and has accepted the position as head guard in the afternoon. She helps oversee open swim during the afternoon.

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