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Adaptive Aquatics

Swim Lessons 

Registration: April 1st or until full

Cost:   $40.00 (8-25 minute lessons)

Notes: Payment is due upon Registration

              No makeup days for bad weather


Program Description: This program is for youth who struggle to succeed in a group setting due to physical or mental limitations, or behavioral issues. Our lessons will focus on teaching independent swimming skills and water safety in a fun and sensory-based environment. These lessons will be twenty-five, one on two private lessons. Space is limited.


Anticipated Outcome: To provide every child the best opportunity to succeed and develop stronger swimming skills ultimately helping them be safer in and around water.




2024 Schedule


To better accommodate our adaptive swimmers please fill out the


Needs Assessment Form

You will be contacted with a list of available schedule times for lessons.

Spaces are limited

Please call with any questions or email

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