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Hurricane Recreation Senior Fitness Classes

Senior Specific

Senior Specific

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"I have been coming to HREC group fitness for 4 years now and I love it! It's my socialization and the thing that I do just for me. I have made great friends who have helped motivate me to keep doing my best to live a healthy and fit life. I feel HREC is very open to everyone and it is a judgement free zone. The instructors are awesome and really put their best into their classes!" B.V.

"I love participating in HREC. The instructors have a passion for what they are teaching and when they get excited about it, it helps everyone else get excited. I am terrible at pushing myself and they aren’t afraid to help push me to achieve my goals which I really appreciate. No judgements, just encouragement! It’s a great place to get a good workout!" S.C.

"When we first moved here a year and a half ago I had no friends. I wanted to better my life and have a way to meet people. I started babysitting and then started coming to classes. It has helped me gain confidence by loosing over 30 lbs. I have made some awesome friends along the way! I love that there are different classes to choose from as well as different times whether it's morning or evening. I love that there is the childcare for the 9:30 classes! I love that we have the Facebook group for updates and words of encouragement on there. My friends are a great support system and keep my going! I love the small town feel to the rec center and that the classes stay fairly small. " N.M.

"I love HRec fitness classes for my body and mind. Thank you for the gift to our community at this time to counter the stress and anxiety of many. Exercise is like a natural prozac that releases positive endorfins and increases our immune system. I wish we could overload the Zoom with participants." L.H. 

Alisha Meyer,
Fitness Coordinator

"I was so thrilled to find a fitness group that was in my budget and I have not been disappointed!!They do a great job offering high quality classes and making me feel genuinely noticed and cared for!" J.S.

I am so grateful for the Hurricane rec center for offering group fitness.  I have participated in many different classes and I feel like they have done an amazing job hiring their instructors.  The bond that they create between them and the ladies they are teaching is so wonderful.  You feel like you are part of one big family and when you are unable to attend you definitely miss everyone.  I also appreciate the fact that they are offering free online fitness classes.  That shows me that they truly care about us and we aren't just part of their bottom line.   Thanks for everything you do and what you stand for.
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