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Art & Theatre Classes


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Little Artists-Picassos: Taught by Katie

Let's get colorful! An introductory art class for young kids to explore different art mediums and techniques. We’ll enjoy fun and engaging art projects to inspire their creativity. Children will learn the fundamental elements of art from line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space. Including some additional fun fall, and festive art projects along the way. This hands-on class will motivate, inspire and build confidence in our young artists.

*Please make sure kids wear clothes they can get messy or an old T-shirt/apron to put over their clothes for class. 

Intermediate Artists-Matisse: Taught by Katie


Let's learn about art and get creative! Students will experience the fundamentals of art engaging with a variety of materials, techniques, and some art history along the way. Every class, they will explore a variety of art media like watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, chalk, colored pencils, pen and ink, clay, collages, and many more through creative art projects. Students will find the fun in art and be inspired to find their inner artists. 

*Please make sure kids wear clothes they can get messy or an old T-shirt/apron to put over their clothes for class. 

Open Studio Art: Taught by Katie

Come create, inspire, and let your imagination guide you as you enrich and deepen your individual artistic voice. This class is for students interested in creating independent art in their preferred art media from painting, drawing, chalk, pastels, and more. Students will select their concepts and will work on their projects throughout the session with guidance from the instructor, students will have access to materials, and space to explore their artistic interests while connecting with other young artists. Concluding in a class art show and open discussion of technical skills and viewpoints.

*Please wear an old T-shirt/apron to put over their clothes for class. A personal music player with headphones is welcome.


Students will learn how to build various projects out of clay by hand, using 3 or more techniques.
Students will also learn the entire process of making completed ceramic projects.
Class will provide clay, tools, glaze, and demonstrations.
Potential projects - mugs, bowls, plates, trays, tiles, magnets, lidded boxes, jars, vases.

Little Homeschool Artist: with Tabitha Lemmon

This class is specifically geared towards homeschool children who want to have some fun and get their fingers dirty. We will help them spark their creativity and have some fun in a group setting. We are going to work on a colorful and fun acrylic paint keepsake project for the fall season! 

Teen/Preteen Homeschool: With Tabitha Lemmon


This is a beginner friendly class specifically geared towards homeschool children in need of a fun art curriculum. We will be working on a detailed acrylic painting project over the series of 3 months, that will make your artist feel confident in their ability to create! Come join us for a season of fun! 

Rising Stars-Story Time Play 

Come be a star in our beginning theatre class for our youngest actors. Be exposed to theatre through storytelling, games, character creation, crafts, and imaginative play. Students will build confidence and basic acting skills in a fun engaging environment. 

Acting Basics

Have you ever wanted to know how to act? Students will be introduced to acting basics from character building, movement, improv, audition techniques, scenes, and more. No experience is needed and great opportunity to build acting techniques. Come learn and have fun in this engaging acting starter class for youth!

Comedy Time-Improv Game & More

Make’em laugh! Come join us for an introduction to theatre improv through theatre games and thinking on the spot. Students will learn basic improvisation techniques that will help any actor on stage hone their acting skills. So laugh out loud and have a blast playing comedy games like World Worst, Park Bench, prop humor, and more! 

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