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Adult Softball

20 Spring Adult Softball

Registration: Jan 6th - March 2nd

Cost: $350 per team

What: Mens, Womens

Where: Spilsbury Sports Complex

Game Day: Men's - Wednesday 

                      Women's - Thursday 

Games Start: Week of March 25th 


  • Expert Level: The best athletic and talented teams. Teams that might play in competitive tournaments.

  • Advanced Recreational Level: This level is for the average athlete and team. This is for a team looking for an average level of competition.

  • Recreation Level: Players and team skills are very basic and not advanced. Teams generally have few to no players capable of hitting a HR. Teams are allowed 1 HR per game. All other balls hit over the outfield fence will result as an out.

Schedule: Click Here



20 Spring Softball

Program Description: An opportunity for adults to play in an organized and officiated recreational softball. There are leagues available for men, women, and co-ed teams USA Softball Rules will be used. 
Anticipated Outcome: Participants will increase satisfaction and enjoyment through recreation and improve personal health and well being which ultimately will leave the participant looking forward to playing next season.
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