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Madden 2020 Virtual League

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Program Description: Esports, which stands for Electronic Sports, are competitive video games played between players or teams.  The league will consist of 2 games per week for 5 weeks, followed by a single elimination tournament.    Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in the tournament.                                              


Anticipated Outcome: Participants will play video games, meet new people in a fun and safe environment and gain a greater knowledge of esports.  

“These tournaments and leagues are not affiliated with or sponsored by NBA 2K, Electronic Arts Inc., Warner Brothers or its licensors.”

Registration: March 24 - May 8th

Cost: $16 per player (Use promo code "COVID19" at check out and save 50%)

Divisions: 8-12, 13-17, 18 and up

League Starts: Tuesday, May 12th

Game Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 6:00pm


1. Players must have a PlayStation 4 or XBox and Controller.

2. Madden 2020 either on Playstion or Xbox Platform.

3. Playstation Plus Package or XBox Live /GamePass

4. High Speed Internet.


Register: Here




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Register and invite your friends to register for the Madden 2020 virtual league.  The person that recruits the most, will win one year of XBox Live or PlayStation Plus.  All they have to do is drop your name in the "Who did you hear about the Madden Tournament from" box.  If your name is mentioned the most... YOU WIN!

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