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2023 Cub and Boy Scout Swimming 

Registration: No sign-ups troop leaders are to set up with Pool Manager (Michael Carter)

Cost:   This is a free service for our community but space is limited to 30 scouts per day.


*If you’re a troop leader and would like to register your troop group please call the pool front desk after June 1st.

*Scouts must be 7 years old or older

*Scouts must be comfortable putting their face in the water.

*Webelos will need to be prepared to swim 100 feet (the long way of the pool and back)

*Scouts must have passed previous requirements for their current portion

Program Description: Scout swimming is offered to help scouts receive the training to fulfill the requirements to earn the swimming portions of their programs.

Lifeguards will be on hand to help but leaders are responsible to find merit badge councelors to teach the requirements


2024 Dates






Tigers will earn

  • All requirements for Floats and Boats

  • Boy Scout Swim Test


Wolves will earn

  • All requirements for Spirit of the Water

  • Boy Scout Swim Test


Bears will earn 

  • All requirements for Salmon Run

  • Boy Scout Swim Test


Webelos will earn

  • All requirements for Aquanaut

  • Boy Scout Swim Test

Boy Scouts will earn

  • Swimming Merit Badge

  • Lifesaving Merit Badge

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